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  • 1lb of turkey needs 18 min to cook, so set the timing according to the weight.

  • Don’t use salt if you are using salted butter.

  • Garlic lovers can add more garlic.

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Juicy Turkey Special



Try this juicy and flavorful pork Curry in instant pot, quick and easy to make.





Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 4



 Whole Turkey: 10 lbs
 Garlic: 20 - 25 cloves
 Fresh Rosemary: 8 - 10 springs

 Iodized Salt: 3 tsp or as per taste
 Unsalted Butter: 4 sticks
 Injectable Butter Mix from any grocery store



Thaw the turkey 

Pat dry for 15 min

Finely chop Garlic and rosemary and keep aside

Melt butter in room temperature

Mix chopped garlic and rosemary with the butter

Add salt

With the help of the syringe inject the Injectable butter solution generously  inside the whole Turkey

Loosen the skin of the Turkey with your hand or a spatula

Now smear the rosemary and butter mixture under and above the whole skin of the turkey

Marinade the turkey for overnight

Then set the oven for 325 degree F

Place the turkey inside the oven until the skin turned brown then cover with Aluminum foil and keep it for 3 hrs (Every pound need 18 mins to cook)

In between baste the turkey with melted butter so that flavor should spread evenly on the turkey


Check the cooking temperature of the turkey with a thermometer at the thickest part of the Turkey; if it's in between 167F- 170F your Turkey is done


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