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In this recipe, if you want to cook the rice in manual settings then add 2 cups of water in one cup of rice for 22 min. Otherwise, for rice mode setting, you need one cup of water for one cup of rice.

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Ground Turkey Fried Rice in InstaPot

This is one of the easiest and flavorful fried rice one can cook in 25 mins. You can add ground chicken, ground pork or ground beef instead of ground turkey. For those who are vegan, add scramble tofu instead of meat and also add your favorite vegetables.


Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



Red/yellow onion, 1 medium
Frozen Mixed Vegetables(carrots, green peas): 1cup
Any meat flavored Bouillon: 1 cube(4 gms)
Black pepper powder: 1tsp
Unsalted butter: 2 tbsps
Basmati or any Rice: 1cup
Ground turkey: 8 oz


1) Chop onions
Take out your InstaPot and put the settings to saute mode(10-12 mins)
2) Add butter and let it melt
3)Add Onion and saute for 2 min until it becomes translucent
4) Add the ground turkey and mix it well for 2 mins.
5) After 2 mins add the mix vegetables and mix it well with the turkey for another 1 min
6)Add pepper powder
7) Add the meat flavored bouillon. You don't have to add extra salt as has the required seasoning. Mix well for 2 mins.
8)Now add the rice and mix well with all the ingredients for 1 min.
9) Add 1 cup of water, mix well and cover the lid
10) Now change the setting to Rice mode which is 12 mins

11)Once done let it sit for 10-15 mins. Do not release pressure

12) Then release additional pressure. Open lid. Mix well and

Serve hot.

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